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Implementation of « The Magic of Nature, Culture and Life – UNESCO Heritage in the Mobile Tour » (SOI-IT-478)

The learning scenario “The Magic of Nature, Culture and Life: UNESCO Heritage in the Mobile Tour” was adapted for a class of third-year students studying tourism. The implementation focused on exploring UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Campania region of Italy, with the aim of motivating students to appreciate and study their local territory.

The implementation took place in a vocational school specializing in tourism, catering to students aged around 16 to 17. The class size was moderate, allowing for effective group work and collaboration. Students were already familiar with tourism concepts and were eager to delve deeper into the cultural and natural heritage of their region.

Throughout the implementation, students engaged in hands-on activities such as research, content creation, and presentation design. They utilized digital tools and multimedia resources to enhance their learning experience and create engaging mobile tour content. The implementation fostered a sense of pride and curiosity among students as they discovered the richness of their own territory and its significance in the global context of UNESCO World Heritage.

Stages of implementation

The learning scenario implemented in this context was adapted to introduce students to UNESCO, its origins, and its purposes. The goal was to engage students in learning about cultural heritage and the significance of UNESCO sites, particularly focusing on historical, artistic, and cultural attractions in the Campania region and Italy as a whole.

Introduction to UNESCO and Cultural Heritage

The session began with an introduction to UNESCO, its origins, and its mission in preserving cultural heritage. This segment aimed to provide students with foundational knowledge about the significance of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Students at work on Cultural Heritage

Exploration of Campania’s UNESCO Sites

Students were divided into 7 small groups and assigned specific UNESCO sites in the Campania region: earch for images in Common Creative or authorized for publication to create a collection for each site on Europeana titled “Historic Center of Naples – UNESCO Cultural Heritage.”  and so on.

Presentation and Reflection

Each group presented their collection to the class, showcasing their findings and insights about their assigned UNESCO site. Following the presentations, a reflection session encouraged students to share their thoughts on the learning experience and discuss the importance of preserving cultural heritage. As the sole facilitator of the activity, I worked closely with Art colleague to ensure alignment with the curriculum objectives and to provide support in facilitating group work and research activities.

Students presenting their work in classroom


Through the implementation of the learning scenario, I gained a deeper understanding of the resources available on Europeana. I explored various multimedia materials related to UNESCO World Heritage sites, discovering new ways to incorporate digital resources into classroom activities.

Students developed a deeper appreciation for the cultural heritage of the Campania region and Italy as a whole. Through hands-on exploration and research activities, they gained insights into the historical, artistic, and cultural significance of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Engaging in research and content creation for the mobile tour enabled students to develop their research and presentation skills. They learned to critically analyze information, synthesize key findings, and effectively communicate their insights to their peers.

The interactive and hands-on nature of the learning scenario sparked students’ curiosity and motivation to learn. They actively participated in the activities, demonstrating increased engagement and enthusiasm for studying cultural heritage and tourism.

Link to the learning scenario implemented: The Magic of Nature, Culture and Life – UNESCO Heritage in the Mobile Tour (LS-PL-792) – Teaching With Europeana (

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PDM 1.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Rijksmuseum.

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