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Implementation of ‘Our healthy life’ (SoI-BE-541)

Author: Charlotte Jansegers, teacher School: SiViBu, Buggenhout


This lesson aims to strengthen vocabulary related to sports and a healthy lifestyle while also enhancing digital skills. It is designed to be student-centered, emphasizing collaboration between students and their families. The teacher serves as a guide and facilitator, allowing students to take the lead in their learning journey. Throughout the lesson, students’ awareness of a healthy lifestyle is heightened. Each step of the lesson is structured to empower students to become confident users of digital media and express their opinions in English as a foreign language. Additionally, the activities proposed in the lesson assist students in understanding how to utilize digital content effectively, empowering them to become creators of digital content themselves.

Main text

1.The Stages of implementation

Warming up
Students are prompted to utilize the AnswerGarden tool to respond to the question: “What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you?” Subsequently, they orally share and discuss their responses.
Main activities
The Healthy Kids Quiz is no longer available, since the students are old enough to understand most of the words, the teachers didn’t use it.
Sports in our life

The students try to recognize sports: //

The teacher didn’t use the film or the puzzle, because the links didn’t work.

Reading activity
The students review the content provided in the initial eight pages of “Lifestyle and Attitude” and identify the key words and ideas associated with a healthy lifestyle. They create a word cloud using the tool available at //

Cooking activity

Recipe madeira cake

Recipe biscuit cake

Apple jelly recipe

Each group gets a recipe and tries to read and check the new vocabulary. They write down the ingredients and the instructions used to prepare that dish. For instance, add gradually/pour/mix…

Then they use Europeana to search for a recipe that they could prepare it at home as homework/project activity-final product.


Students must work in pairs and collaborate and communicate online using Google Doc/Canva to create a poster showing useful advice on how to stay healthy or to show a healthy menu for a day.

For homework 2 working independently as autonomous learners with their family, students shall create a video to show a good and healthy recipe (Moravi, YouTube, Vimeo).

Students should use Europeana website as a resource tool for their tasks.

Students will upload their final products on Google Classroom. There will be peer to peer evaluation and teacher evaluation. All students will leave a comment/feedback according to the following criteria: production/design/accuracy of the text written/creativity/collaboration/relevance of the topic/task given.

2. Outcomes (for you as an educator and for the students)

When I implemented this learning scenario, I aimed for several important outcomes:

Outcome for Students

Students learn about food in the past and nowadays, what it means reading this definition provided by Europeana (on left corner of the screen)


Outcome for Teachers

The teacher finds new ways to introduce healthy food to the students.

Link to the learning scenario implemented: //

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CC0 1.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Hamburg.

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