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European elections: 21 countries go to the polls as vote enters final day

Euronews brings you the latest news and analysis as voters in 21 EU countries cast their votes on the fourth and final day of the European elections.


Around 360 million EU citizens are casting their votes to elect 720 members of the European Parliament, in the world’s biggest trans-national ballot.

On the fourth and final day, voting will take place in 21 countries, with Italy set to be the last country to close its ballot boxes at 23.00 CET.

Euronews will bring you all the latest news and expert analysis with a special live programme broadcast from the European Parliament from 17.00 CET. The first national estimates based on exit polling are expected from 18.15 CET.

Opinion polls predict historic gains for radical right-wing parties, while centrist, pro-European forces could come under strain. Such an outcome could shift the balance of power in the EU’s only democratically-elected institution and give right-wing forces more influence than ever on EU policies, ranging from climate to migration to trade.

Also at stake – who takes the helm at the European institutions in Brussels, including the Commission and the Council, with the elections set to trigger a race to the top EU jobs.

Stay with us as our reporters bring you the latest news and results live.

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