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Will the NATO Washington summit deliver for Ukraine? | Radio Schuman

Leaders are meeting in Washington DC for the NATO summit, where the support of Ukraine and boosting defence industry are among main topics of discussion.


Will the US deliver enough for Ukraine in the coming months? And how are EU diplomats preparing for former President Donald Trump’s possible return to the White House? We asked Euronews correspondent Shona Murray, currently in Washington following the NATO summit.

With EU ambassadors in Brussels quizzing the Hungarian presidency over Viktor Orban’s trips to Russia and China, we also have an exclusive extract of a Euronews interview with Hungarian minister for European affairs János Bóka.

On the summer theme, Radio Schuman takes you to Europe’s least visited places most worth seeing.

Radio Schuman is hosted and produced by Maïa de la Baume, with journalist and production assistant Eleonora Vasques and audio editing by Zacharia Vigneron. The music is by Alexandre Jas.

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